I’ve been making more of an effort to save hands while I play. With Pt4, it is really easy to tag hands and I never did that before on HEM, Today, I played about 8 hours and saved 69 hands. Some stuff I thought was pretty standard, but wanted to double check for sure. Most things did not surprise me. I made a few light calls bvb or getting good odds and I was right. Some isos I made I thought were definitely good, or shoves over limps and I was shocked to see a standard range I’ve been using for years could easily be -ev. Some spots that seem very easy, we never give a second thought to. A lot of the time, our instincts will be right and we will just never second guess ourselves. But once and a while, you’ll be surprised. So don’t take “standard” for granted.

We’re in the process of buying another stable. It’s been a lot of work and I probably spent 40 hours looking at hhs over 4 days. At times, I was waiting to be finished with it, but mostly it was fun and a good study tool. Often, I could pinpoint what a player was doing wrong and what could make them win and other times I was baffled to see that their stats obviously lagged behind their skill. Anyways, in a couple hands, I stopped, ran the hand in ICMizer and found out what I thought was a very clear spot, wasn’t at all.

So I posted on our site. Initially, I got similar responses to what I initially thought. Then we were further in depth and found other options (other than jamming) were definitely better. Jamming in one spot was pretty horribly -ev and we needed crazy ranges to make it profitable, so we agreed on a flat (4 handed, calling a 5bb shove at a 35 180 FT with a4o in the btn with 15bb).

One problem with seeing so many hands and so many similar spots consistently is we get tricked into thinking that there is only 1 definite correct answer. But, when we stop and really think, we often find out we are completely wrong.


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