Learning New Concepts by vers

In January, I made about 30 hours worth of videos. That’s by far more coaching and studying then I have done in a very long time. Usually, I could whip through 4 3r hhs where the player got HU in 30 minutes. Last month, I made an hour long video of a $8 180 where the player got 7th.

There are several reasons for this, but for the most part, it’s because I got ICMizer. Instead of saying “you can probably shove about this range,” I decided to check it out in Icmizer to confirm. Often, my ideas of profitable ranges matched up pretty well but sometimes I was completely wrong and surprised about the result. The most surprising thing was what hands do better against certain ranges. I guess it wasn’t something I really thought much about, seeing that calling 85s could be better than like A3 facing a 3b jam off a 9bb stack.

I learned that the more time I put into videos and talking about hands, instead of spending a minute at most on it then moving on, the quality of my videos got way better. I had a lot more positive comments from our students and it was clear that they were learning much more as well, Instead of using the same general ranges and not giving too much thought, we were really questioning seemingly standard spots.

Often, we make so many repetitive decisions to the point that grinding poker becomes a little less fun. We’re not thinking critically as much and because of that, we aren’t accurately evaluating our play. We’re not adjusting our ranges and evolving as a player.

By saying what range seemed standard, I was making videos just to get through them, rather than thinking about making videos as an opportunity to study myself. ICMizer is pretty cheap, far better than any ICM calculator and I am very thankful that it has restored a lot of my excitement in poker. Most importantly, making videos and studying has moved from a chore to actual fun and the by-product too is that we end up with much better content on our site. I can’t promise to always make an hour long video for a $2.50 180 8th place finish, but questioning what might not be standard or plugging leaks will overall improve my game and tons of our students who care to sit through an hour of me rambling on.

Enjoy watching guys. By the way, ICMizer is $50 for 6 months and our site is $100 for a 3 month subscription. It’s definitely worth the investment in your poker future. And who knows, maybe we could be making training videos for ICMizer someday too.


One thought on “Learning New Concepts by vers

  1. I agree 100% here. I didn’t really enjoy watching videos or having coaching sessions where things are not really explained. Sometimes it was like “you gotta shove there, because I think its right”. Where is the point working on your game if everything is set in stone and there is no room left for improvement. I really enjoyed your new videos and I just bought icmizer today and I can recommend it, its a great program. You shouldn’t miss the videos where it is used to explain situations(like the $16 one). Nice read. Thanks for the article.

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